Please help us find Oliver!

The Druhm family is very concerned about the disappearance of their affectionate, gentle, much-loved pet cat. Oliver was last seen at home on Monday, October 22 (roughly one week before hurricane Sandy).

Description: Relatively small to medium-sized adult male (a bit over 4 years old).
Grey, shorthair tabby with a striped coat in varying shades of grey.
Not declawed.
No collar, as we have had little success keeping one on him. Oliver would often come home with his collar wrapped around his head and jaw in dangerous, contorted fashions as a result of his persistent efforts to get it off. The break-away collars designed to safely snap off in the instance that the cat may become snagged on a fence or elsewhere do simply that: break away almost immediately. Hence, Oliver fails to return wearing those after even a brief lark outdoors.
I’ve posted a collection of photos of Oliver on this page (scroll below, or click on the links under Recent Posts to the right).

We kindly ask that you contact us with ANY potential sightings of Oliver after October 22. Being that he has no collar and is not declawed, it would be understandable that a nearby family may have taken him in with the assumption that he is a stray, or dropped him off at a local shelter. It’s also possible that he has been locked in a shed, garage, car, etc., and we please ask that you check your property. Numerous animal shelters, hospitals, and clinics have also been contacted in hopes of locating our much-missed pet. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

The Druhm Residence: 3 Lorie Lane, Bayport (small, dead end street off of Renee Dr)
Home phone: (631) 472-9269
Cell: (631) 241-5578

THANK YOU for your efforts in helping us locate a beloved member of our family.


Most recent misc. shots: Being a cat, super photogenically.


Oliver on the left, with his big sister:

Enjoying Christmas more than any of us.

Baby’s first Christmas:

With his cherished (pre-packaged) older sister:

Cat naps or catrobatics?

As a kitten.

A budding writer and aspiring scholar. I try to encourage my children to explore their creativity at an early age:

Yes, that is a baseball cap he’s sleeping in: